Standard Day As A Developer

I work full time as a developer. I do roughly 40 hours per week.

I live approximately 45 mins drive from the city. I wake up at around 4:30am, get ready, get to the train station about 6:05am. I get to my work train station around 6:50am. I then walk 40 mins to work.

I start my job around 7:30am. I get a 1 hour lunch break. I finish around 4:30pm and get home around  5:45pm.

During my day I code, chat with employees around the world, brew coffee and tea and play Nerf Wars and computer games like Quake 3.

I don't have much time to maintain my private projects, that's why my blog is bare. I'm so busy either doing work for others or travelling around that I don't have much quiet time.


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